Our martial arts obsessed friend in the Amazon + more!

This guy, who is mute due to falling out of a hammock as a child, is our good buddy when we go to the community.  He has an amazing spirit, smiles a lot and likes to break into spontaneous body-building poses.  I think he may have been drunk here as it’s during a Sunday afternoon futbol match (though he always does this..) More of him can be seem per ur request..  While talking to him he makes this wonderful, high-pitched squeal.  His father communicates with him with a unique sign language.

Here is a video of an amazing electrical rainstorm unlike any I have ever witnessed.  The lightening was not striking down (as far as I could tell) but it was continuous, lighting up the sky and surroundings every 20 seconds.  We were just advised if it happens again to leave our shelter which uses as a roof corrugated steel.  Whoops.  Where should we go?   To someone elses house with a thatched roof in the middle of the night?  The video could use an edit but there are some big flashes in there…  The roof also accounts for the incredible volume.  And the darkness was amazing.  The kind of darkness where you literally can not see your hand in front of your face.  It was kind of freaky actually.  My eyes where straining to focus on something.  In the tent it is completely black.

Here is one more slightly boring video.  It is of this cool car barge boat thing we go over everytime we go into the Amazon.  It loads up cars and then uses a bunch of outboard motors sideways to push across a river crossing. I found it romantic in a primitive sort of way..

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