Amazon Images from Workshop 3

Here are some images from the last workshop I taught in the Amazon here in Peru.

This is a snake that a community member had killed while farming across the river.  A number of people had gathered around the snake and where shining flash lights on it.  It was supposedly a very deadly species.  The top of it had a really hard ridge and scales, unlike anything I had ever seen.  The white underbelly was so smooth it felt wet to the touch and I had to keep checking to see if it was actually wet.

This is a shot I got around 6:30 am one morning…(look closely at the bottom).

I like the simple beauty of this image. It’s a leaf that had fallen upon some ground that had recently been burned in preparation for farming, most likely Yuca, which is used to make beer.  They can not live with out Masato in these communities.  The life in these Amazonian communities revolve around three things (excluding the new addition of watching TNT every-nite from 6-10 when they have electricity): Masato, Fish and plantains.


A shot emerging from the jungle back to the community.

Outside the disco at the community ( I know, I know…I feel the same way) one of the gay owners (The amazon seems to be very welcoming to it’s quite large gay population) had neatly hung his socks.  I enjoyed shooting this more than listening and dancing to bad music in a 120 degree hut.

Upon leaving the said disco I shot this image walking back to our place.  I used my point and shoot at the highest ISO setting which accounts for the “noise” which is the new word in photography to describe film grain.  It was taking at about 11pm and there was a half moon.

On the way back to Lima one of our two cars that takes us on the hellish 4 hour trip to Satipo where we catch our all night bus broke down.  Stumbled on this funny scene next to a fantastic and much welcomed gushing spring coming out the side of the was HOT out to say the least.  Not sure what is going on with the photo..

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