Couple Videos from the Amazon

Here are some small vids from my Amazon experience. This first video is of a baby monkey that was graciously saved by the people who killed the mommy for some food.  It’s only 2 weeks old.  We had just finished a 5 hour hike in the jungle.  Super sweaty.  Not sure what kind of monkey it is or what mommy tasted like or if I would try it but its a damn cute baby, that’s for sure.  Poor thing needs milk but just getting plantain and coconut milk..  Fiorella is person saying that the baby found its big, hairy momma..

This video is taken during the 9th hour of our typical boat ride back from the community to a waiting car that then takes us on 4 hour hellish ride to Satipo, Peru.  U can see mountains in the background. This is the part of the Amazon referred to as the Amazonian eyebrow as it’s where the mountains meet the jungle.


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