Photos from my first day in Lima, Peru.

After an innocuous 8 hour flight I was whisked off for much needed cervezas at an old leftist saloon in the bohemian town of Barranco and then the next morning, treated to my first Sunday lunch of ceviche and other local traditional fare.

This is Jalea de Mariscos, a dish of  fried fish, yuca, onions & corn with an array of spicy sauces on the side. The drinks in the background is ChiCha, the national drink of Peru which is made from purple corn and pineapple juice.


This soup was incredible!  Chupe de Camarones.  A Peruvian Shrimp chowder with rice, cheese, milk, spices, shrimp and eggs thrown in for good measure. 


The Peruvians love Chinese food.  It was introduced in the late 1880’s by Chinese immigrants from Canton.  They have giving it a twist of their own, call it Chifa and eat it A LOT.  I have seen 3 story billboards displaying its glossy, MSG laden attributes.  It is always accompanied by an Inca Kola, the national soda, which is a nice shade of radio-active yellow.  Happy to report it was not horrible.


And I was so hungry I forgot to photograph the Ceviche!  Next time…

After this stomach beating we vainly attempted to walk it off on a cliff side stroll overlooking the Pacific and the Playa Costa Verde.  A misnomer?  Supposedly not in the summer months.



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  1. bill says:

    I’m hungry and I want to go for a drive around lima. It looks like your adventure wont be limited to the rural areas of peru.

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